Catherine Goodman: And Everything Changed

June 29 - August 26, 2022

Marlborough is pleased to present And Everything Changed, an exhibition of new work by Catherine Goodman that examines and positions human physicality into an intense relationship with the natural environment. Presented for the first time at Marlborough in London, select new works by the artist will also be presented at the upcoming Masterpiece London (30 June – 6 July).

Created during London’s Covid-19 lockdown and whilst Catherine took on a new responsibility of caring for her elderly mother with advanced Alzheimer’s, this new series of paintings showcases an emergent female form in dialogue with trees and natural landscapes. Within the works, dark hair becomes tangled to form roots, and limbs extend like branches through swathes of vibrant oil paint vigorously applied to large-scale canvases. For Catherine the unprecedented yet universal experience of the pandemic allowed her imagination to take on a new visceral intensity during a period of almost complete isolation from the outside world.


Calling to mind mythological imagery recounted in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which references Daphne’s transformation into a laurel tree to avoid Apollo’s pursuits, the landscapes and trees offer a refuge in a constantly shifting world. Catherine’s energetic painting style and heightened colours are all deeply rooted in observational drawing and her daily practice of drawing from life.